The Acrobastille Park is equipped with one of the systems of belaying the safest market, "Click-It" System.

This equipment ensures maximum security on all routes.

It is a pedagogical product offering an easy grip.

Allows the user to secure only to keep intact the spirit of adventure in autonomy and all in preventing the risk of total stall thanks to its double lanyard equipped two servo connectors between them and offering protection continues.

Life line continues for the little ones

A pulley to move forward on the horizontal workshops and zip-lines of the Gallery of the witches (from 5 years and 1 m) without manipulation of carabiner.

Checked regularly, guarantee your security 100%.

Designed and made in France.

Video surveillance

The surveillance cameras are placed throughout the Speleobox and Mission Bastille, and related to screens outside.

Your families, friends and our operators can monitor your progress in the course.

5 doors loopholes are also hidden in route to help lower problems and extract you in case of difficulty.

Our operator are present to monitor and watch over you, any problem they intervene to help and advise you.

All our operators have followed a diploma to frame at Acrobastille Park. They all hold a CQP (Professional Qualification certificate) of operator of acrobatic course in height.

For your comfort and safety the Freestyle Park Acrobastille you provided the best equipment for your activities.

Equipment safety (equipment of Protection individual) are verified and cleaned before and after each use.

Our individual safety equipment meets the highest standard. It is part of category D and E in the classification systems of personal security (that is, the two highest categories).

Safety first:
The Acrobastille Park meets the European standard (EN 15567-1 and EN 15567-2) relating to the safe operation of an acrobatic course in height (PAH).