Acrobatic course

large zip air bastille 400 m above Grenoble in the Alps

Air Bastille

Hover over Grenoble on 600 meters of zip lines

Welcome aboard the flight Air Bastille! You can see the chain of Belledonne and Mont Blanc, as well as the Vercors and the massif of the Charterhouse since 2 zip-lines of 300 meters each and will fly over Grenoble. Thank you to attach your pulley, the Acrobastille team wish you a pleasant flight. From 11 years old (minimum height 1, 40 m)

a group scouring the slopes of the fort of the bastille on the big red route "via acrobatica"

Via Acrobatica

Acrobatic crossings and a unique atmosphere

You will need a little more guts for this air route operating above Grenoble. Acrobatic crossings and a great atmosphere to discover from 12 years.

an operator monitors a group making its first steps on the training course

The great divide

Go on an adventure on the fort!

The Grand ditch will allow you to leave to the discovery of the fort on a route between ziplines, walkways and thwarting the pitfalls of the different balance games! from 11 years (size minimum 1 m 40)

grandfather and grandson in the galleries of the witches in the shelter of the heat through the casemates

The Gallery of the witches

Fly into the world of the witches.

This acrobatic course is accessible from 5 years (size 1 m mini). Fly to gateways in walkways and play with the witches of the fort until the Zipline! Activities from the weather.

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