Le Cachot de la Bastille makes you relive the last moments of the Bastille’s prisonners, but even under torture, we will not tell anything you about the jailer’ secrets. An evasion game to be lived in immersion in the old stones of the fort which will require perspicacity, observation et a good deduction capacity to find the exit of the dungeon… or not!
A collaboration between Challenge the room and Acrobastille



What is an Escape Game?

The principle is simple: You’re shut in a room and will have to escape from it within one hour. How? By finding clues and solving enigmas. Simple, you may say? Not that much. The Escape Game is not a physical activity but it will ask from you to use your reflexion capacity, your team spirit and your curiosity. A fun and convivial moment, between friends or for a teambuilding aswell.


Who is it for?

The Escape Game is a group activity. Among friends, with the family or among colleagues, it will require a good team work. Kids from 12 years old are welcome, even if the difficulty and the atmosphere will need
accompanying persons.

How many players are needed?

More we are, the more it is funny and the easier you got out… In theory. If you can participate from 2, we advice you to form a group of 4 to 6 people.

How much time is required?

You will have one hour to get out of your jail and trust us… It won’t be too much! Add about 15 minutes for the reception and the debriefing by your Game Master.

A Game master, what for?

True gardian of the dungeon, he knows every secret of it. After he explained you the rules, he will be by your sides to help you being free if needed. He will be also present at the end of the game to review your performance and take a picture of the team.

Can you reassure me, this is not too difficult?

This Escape Game is quite difficult. But keep cool, the room has been made to be adaptive to the level of the players. Being a beginner or an expert, challenge will always be present.

What about the price?


I need informations, how do I reach you?

We will be happy to answer your questions at:
06 84 34 53 78